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'The Atlas of Remembrance' on the Porta Polonica Website featuring J.D. Kirszenbaum

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The Documentation Centre for the Culture and History of the Poles in Germany, named Porta Polonica, created an atlas of remembrance. To research and document the traces and influences of Polish life in Germany and to make them visible on the internet.

The atlas of remembrance now includes the first retrospective exhibition of J.D. Kirszenbaum in Germany since his departure in 1933. It took place in 2019 (April-May) in the Center for Persecuted Art in Solingen.

The essay on Porta Polonica gives another insight on Kirszenbaums art and life, specifically linking it to his heritage and childhood in Poland.

Have a look at it here. Enjoy!

The texts are available in german, english and polish.

Thanks to the detailed research, the thoughtful description and enthusiastic commitment of the author, Dr. Alex Feuß, th exhibition in Solingen has been perfectly summarized on Porta Polonica. More than that, he added the relevant additional information to Kirszenbaums artwork in his text, which creates a round essay about J.D. Kirszenbaum. Definitely worth the read!

The website is a project of the LWL-Industriemuseum I Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Industriekultur, in the region of Muenster, North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany.

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