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J.D. Kirszenbaum - The Revival


I have spent the past decade researching the art work of J.D. Kirszenbaum as well as its whereabouts.


This effort has resulted in the discovery of many works hidden from the public eye for decades. Many were found in the cellars of leading Museums in both national and private collections throughout France, Israel, Holland, Poland and Switzerland. Several were recently featured in two retrospectives exhibitions that took place this past year in major Israeli museums.


In addition to these exhibitions, this past two years saw the publication of a monograph on the artist: "J.D.Kirszenbaum 1900-1954: The Lost Generation,  published by "Somogy Editions d'Art " in Paris, as well as several academic articles and local exhibitions featuring the artist's work.


Any information on the artist (sometimes known as Kirszenbaum and sometimes by his pseudonym, Duvdivani) and his artwork would be welcome as I continue to resurrect his life and career.



With further questions or proposals for collaborations, artwork findings and information regarding the research on J. D. Kirszenbaum contact Kirszenbaum.jd (at)

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